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Does this sound like the stirrings of permaculture in mainstream?   They
have been discussing the virtues of soy-corn rotation vs. other inter
plantings and the economics of the problem.

Donna Fezler

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Jim Quinton wrote:
>         Dale's information about the rootworm's previous predilection for
> curcurbits is a revelation to me. If the "trap-crop" idea or the bait
> approaches have merit, I'd like to design innovation crop insurance
> policies that will help reluctant growers adopt the practices more
> confidently (and more quickly) once they're proven to be effective
> alternatives to current methods.....

The trap-crop stategy  is a reality. Penn State has been doing research for
a few years on planting summer squash (which cucumber and rootworm beetles
love) in the vicinty of crops such as cantelopes and melons to draw the
beetles away.  It has helped, but doesn't get total control. I don't know of
anyone doing this to keep rootworm beetles out of corn though. Any others
have experiance with this?
Steve Groff

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