Daikon and grass seed.

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<<Well, Dan.

The good news is that i do think my wall is the right side up. i.e. the first
row of
lateral logs is the base and they are held in place by into-the-ban,k shorter
logs at
four foot intervals (7 in all). Then I begin my next row of lateral logs (with
another series of into-the-wall logs to go on top of them. The way I am
proposing to
place this second lateral row is so that each log overlaps its neighbour by a
foot or
so, which requires the logs to rest on the into-the-wall supports at a slight
The repeating of this angle makes an appealing pattern. Given my set-up
(length of
wood especially), it will work out that each  lateral piece in the second row
rest on two into-the-wall supports. It in turn will have the next row of
resulting in at least one support pressing down on each lateral. I did angle
supports (into-the-wall pieces) slightly down into the bank. More like 10 than

So, how are my descriptive powers? Am I giving you a coherent picture?

Regarding climate, we're at about 3,000 feet here which will also tend the
climate to
greater extremes. However, El Nino blessed us with a warm winter (relatively,
course) and a wonderful summer, with the added remarkable bonus of virtually

I'll put in the grass seed in the spring and try your suggestion on using an
Aspen or
two to hold the embankment.

We have a small wild berry area with raspberries, strawberries,
saskatoonberries and
rose hips (yes, wild roses are prolific here). I have been encouraging them
water when we had a very dry spell. I'm now thinking of adding a few berry
bushes to
fill the spaces left as I eliminate the thistle and dandelion. (This is a
area). Should I plant cultivated bushes or find wild ones? Any suggestions?

I'd be glad to communicate privately with you if you think this belongs off


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