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dawn: AKA gardenbetty:
       Since Mexico will be included in the next edition of the American Permaculture 
Directory, I
decided to gather all the info on Mexico I could muster, (Baja & distant areas from 
Veracruz are
not included here).  It1s an extensive list, but not necessarily complete.  I am sure you 
enjoy contacting people on this list & each will have much to offer.  Most of this 
comes from The Permaculture Activist.  The rest is from the directory database.
     Let me know how it goes & what corrections you find.  Why not write an article for 
Activist about your adventures down there?
      The Directory will probably go to print this week, 10/14/98 or so, & the Directory 
(www.permaculture.net) will be ready for visitors within a week or two.
   Bon Voyage...   John Irwin

Valerie Nadeau, APDO 11296, Oaxaca, 68000, 011-52-952-3-60-70,  fax 011-52-952-3-60-78
Shawn Spitzer, APDO 1457, Oaxaca, 68000, same phone as above

Aaron Santiago Aruz, El Progeso, Tilantongo, Nochixtlan, Oaxaco,
Aaron Santiago Cruz, El Progreso, Tilantongo, Nochiztalan, Oaxaco
Blanca Dominguez, Perma-Cultura de Mexico, Fundacion Mariposa, Apartado Posta # 82, 
Puebla 73160, 554-43-56
Jorge Huerta Anispin, Domicilio Concido, San Nicolas Buenos Aires, Puebla
Ana Maria Ortiz Montes, 16 Oriente 21r LB, Puebla, Puebla
Jose & Marta Zamora De Caballero, Apdo Postal 4, tlaxco, Tlaxcala, 90250
Maria A Caballero Cervantes, Rancho 3El Pardo2, Apartado Postal #4 , Tlaxcala, 90250
Otilio Morles Lagunes, Alrealea #100, Misantla, Veracruz
Marta Astier Calderon, Cda/Jose Ma. Castorene #75, Cuajimalpa 4, DF 05000
Jose A Caballero, Casa Parroquial, Motozintla, Cris, DF 80900
Elizabeth Gasca G, Co Juan Excutia CP, Calle Victoriano Zepeda #75, DF 09100
Cesar Gutierrez & Angel Roldan, Tabasco 262-402, DF, 06700
Cesar Gutierrez, Puerto Guayman 135, Col Casas Aleman, DF 07580
Dalina Labastida Salsedo, Clavellina #100, Col Los Angeles, Iztapalapa, DF
Christina Mendoza, Sevilla 312, Portales, DF 03300, 5-539-0716
Armando Silerio, Maderas del Pueblo, Tabasco 262-402, DR 06700
Ana Stern, Cordobanes #24, Mexico City DF 04000

Permacultura de Mexico, Hector Barradas Palmeros, Domicilio Conocido, Otates, via Jalapa,
Veracruz, 91485
Perma-Cultura de Mexico/Otates, Benito y Angeles Palmeros, Domicillo Conocido Otates, via 
Veracruz, 91485

Grupo de Estudios Ambientales, Mexico, Alfonso Gonazlez Martinez, Appropriate Tech in 
Mexico City,
Xochimilco (see Activist #22, 11/90 p 33

Keith Burnett, Permaculture in Mexico, Calle Jesus #2A, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, 
37700, 52- 415-21598 - fax  52-415-26878

Huehuecoyotl Community, P.P.111, Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico

Arcoiris (Comunidad), Apartado Postal 24-514, 06700, Cuanhtemoc, Mexico DF 

MEXICO, Tlapacoyan, Veracruz August 24 - 28, 1998  Contact Arturo Farias, Tel 52  5 294 85 
Fax 52  5 294 8554 Email  <aadvetrav at compuserve.com.mx>   Pc Instructor: Skye 
<skye at tortuga.com>

Turtle Island Bioregional Gathering in Tepotzlan, Morelos, 11/96 - Beatrice Briggs, 4035 
Ryan Rd,
Blue Mounds WI 53517, 608-767-3931, fx 3932 <beabriggs at aol.com>  or Fabio Manzini AP 
Cuernavaca, 62431, Morelos Tele/fx 52-73-230963 <manzini at servidor.dgsca.unam.mx>

Veracruz - a Tropical Pc farm, call Mexico City, Ailine or Iliana 525-595-0333

see Permaculture Activist #14, Nov 88, pp4-5 3Guidelines or hints for you to observe when 
visit campesion communities of Mexico2 - Contact: Maderas del Peueblo, A. C. , Calle 
Tabasco #262,
Despacho 402, Colonia Roma, C. P. 06700, Mexico DF - tel 514-09-39 or 514-34-46 -

US contacts:
Approvecho Institute, 80574 Hazelton Rd, Cottage Grove OR 97424, 503-942-9434 - great 
amount of
work in Mexico

Dan Hemenway, editor of TRIP, The Resources of International Permaculture, Barking Frogs 
Home of Yankee Permaculture and Elfin Permaculture POB 52, Sparr FL 32192 USA    Email:
<Permacltur at aol.com>

Ianto Evans, Zopilote/Cob Cottage Company, POB 123, Cottage Grove OR 97424, 541-942-3021- 
fax 2005
   (The Canelo Project in Tlaxcala)

Anthony Raab, Oaxaca Design Course Organizer 2834 N Shore Rd, Bellingham WA 98226,  

Albert Bates, Ecovillage Training Center, The Farm, POB 90, Summertown TN 38483-0090,
615-964-3992, <ecovillage at thefarm.org> www. thefarm.org/etc

Michael Pilarski, Friends of the Trees,  POB 4469, Bellingham WA 98227-4469, tel/fax 
www.geocities.com/RainForest/4663/   <tern at geocities.com>

>From the American Permaculture Directory Database:  under 3Foreign Interest2 listing Mexico.  If
more than just Mexico is listed, the location is included:

Complete addresses & phone #s are not included, but available directly from
<jwirwin at permaculture.net>

Charles Curtiss - Pc Course <lfelch at jhu.edu>,
Dan Dorsey AZ,
Charles Carl Dunaway CA - Tarahumara gardeners Chohuahua,
Kenny Field CA, Cathe` Fish NM - taught strawbale & cooking in Cuidad Ogregon Mexico,
 Jillian Hovey ON <jillianh at yorku.ca>,
Art Ludwig CA,
Tad Montgomery MA,
Colette Murphy ON <earthlyp at intertog.com>,
Tom Peifer CA,
Anita Sanders NM <anitasan at aol.com>,
Shepard Steward IN

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