self-closing doors for chicken coops?

Jeff Hall JRHALL at
Tue Oct 13 12:01:43 EDT 1998

Thanks for all your answers! Right now I have 23 5 month old pullets (one is a rooster in drag) on pasture, in arched cattle panel tracters. The place is off the grid, which is fine, with alternative power not feasable till next year.
I like the idea of using their weight to pull up a door. Perhaps when I have power, I'll hook a switch to the door and electrify a metal plank/tunnel! 

Another question--has anyone in a winter climate tried the "fruit tree directly north of a building" trick? What varieties does this help keep their blossoms past the last frost? Iowa is an apple and small fruit kind of place right now, due to its extreme climatic variability.

Lastly, I was just at a strawbale greenhouse workshop by Roald Gundersen of La Crosse, Wisc., and I'd recommend his work, its an important step towards economic popularization of permaculture-type agriculture in temperate climates--

Thanks again, Jeff

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