Chicagoland Pc

John W Irwin pcdirect at
Fri Oct 9 18:53:41 EDT 1998

Primover Permafriend -   
    Dan Hemenway , who taught a Permaculture Design Course in Bangor  
Michigan, is right.  Althought I grew up in ³Western² Michigan & never 
felt close to Chicago, the location for that 1985 course taught by Dan  
is closer than the Indiana location and about as close as the Wisconsin 
one....... So it could be near Chicagoland.  Yes, I do have an address 
for his student John Fritz in the data base.  
    As offered, let me know if you want names & addresses for John or 
others in the Chicago area or nearby Wisconsin, Indiana, or Michigan.   
It¹s time for Pc in the big C  .... Good Luck    John Irwin

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