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<<Dear Friend:   

       You ask a good question.  First of all, to my knowledge, there 

have never been any Permaculture courses given in the Chicago area or 

even Illinois.     Soon it will no longer be a secret.  Chicago is the 

biggest gap in Pc education.  Once this message reaches the 3NET2 & the 

Directory is published, it may not be long before Pc reaches Chicago.  

        We have compiled thousands of names who have taken Pc courses & 

14 names are from Chicago or Northern Illinois.  I will supply the names 

of two, whose names will be published in the American Permaculture 

Directory this month ( see 

Angela Dechard, 260 Van Damin, Glen Ellyn IL 60137, h-908-832-6285, 

w-708-469-1345,  (as of 6/95)

Erik M Hill, 17580 Timber Dr, Sterling IL 61081, 815-626-9264, 

<ehill at> (as of 8/96)

     There is more Pc activity in southern Wisconsin, & some in Indiana 

too.  If you need more names from the Chicago area or WI or IN, contact 

me direct  <jwirwin at>         For the Earth ...  John 



We seem to be hamstringing ourselves here by accepting political boundaries.
I gave a course about 60 miles from Chicago as the train goes, back in the
1980s.  John is more likely to have the exact date as he keeps track of these
things.  We had one student from Chicago who to my knowledge did not move.  I
think his name was Fitch, (John Fitch?)  John Irwin, isn't this man on your

The course I gave happened to be in Michigan, by some strange coincidence the
name of the lake upon which Chicago sits.  

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We don't have time to rush.

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