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We have a design project in Paraguay where the main house is infested in
termites.  I'm looking for two kinds of termites:

1) Any non-toxic means to control termites short of burning the house down.
(The house as somewhat of a Hacienda, way too expensive and way too necessary
to give up on.

2)  Any toxic method that is not as horrific as the common commercial
solutions (which may not even be available in Paraguay).

3)  Ideas for future construction on site which will avert this situation.
Yes we are looking at masonry, ferrocement, adobe, etc.  But wood is not
avoidable and avoiding wood use is not desirable.  I'm interested in any
experience with bamboo and termites.

4)  Lists of tropical wood species that are termite resistant.

If your information is incomplete, please share it anyway.  If there is 1
percent that adds to our information on hand, it will be progress.  We are
willing to buy standard designs of proven efficiacy.

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