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At 03:56 PM 9/17/98 -0400, Eugene F. Monaco wrote:
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>>       Hey, if a top down approach works.... Of course 'what works'
>on who gets queried about 'it is working?'  Certainly it was and is very
>down in Chattanooga. Big money is involved in much of the planning.
>Knoxville was actually planning to 'get' the Aquarium which was built in
>Chattnooga. Knoxville was unable to get it together. 
>        And Chattanooga has taken development angle so amazingly slow,
>working over 15 years on generating a consensual backing before anything
>tangible came of it (I am not detracting here, I think it is amazing).


Hey Gene,

I'm a little slow on the draw these days but better late than never I wanted
to thank you for a great letter.  Good to hear that you are out there
looking at things with that "prolonged observation" eye.

I'm too busy for my own good and getting ready for a winter of peace and
quiet, I hope!  Our permaculture credit union should be up an running in
November, and the permaculture institute early next year.

I have been working on designing a large commercial medicinal herb farm all
year and am wrapping that up next month.  

Two trips to Brazil this summer and sixty graduates added to the world list.
The Brazilians are very excited and energetic so I am looking to doing some
consulting there on Eco-villages.

Mainly wanted to say hello.

Truly yours,

Scott & Arina Pittman

Permaculture Institute
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