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John W Irwin pcdirect at
Thu Oct 8 15:20:53 EDT 1998

Primover1 at wrote:
> I have recently become interested in permaculture and was wondering if anyone
> had information on classes or talks or anything to do with permaculture in the
> chicagoland area. thanks

Dear Friend:   
       You ask a good question.  First of all, to my knowledge, there 
have never been any Permaculture courses given in the Chicago area or 
even Illinois.     Soon it will no longer be a secret.  Chicago is the 
biggest gap in Pc education.  Once this message reaches the ³NET² & the 
Directory is published, it may not be long before Pc reaches Chicago.  
        We have compiled thousands of names who have taken Pc courses & 
14 names are from Chicago or Northern Illinois.  I will supply the names 
of two, whose names will be published in the American Permaculture 
Directory this month ( see 

Angela Dechard, 260 Van Damin, Glen Ellyn IL 60137, h-908-832-6285, 
w-708-469-1345,  (as of 6/95)

Erik M Hill, 17580 Timber Dr, Sterling IL 61081, 815-626-9264, 
<ehill at> (as of 8/96)

     There is more Pc activity in southern Wisconsin, & some in Indiana 
too.  If you need more names from the Chicago area or WI or IN, contact 
me direct  <jwirwin at>         For the Earth ...  John 

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