An afternoon with Peter Lamborn Wilson

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Thu Oct 8 05:28:20 EDT 1998

The Beginning of civilization -- the long long Babylonian CON --
"History" starts at Sumer with the invention of sacred kingship -- and
Temple-based debt system. Separation and alienation are not 
universal human conditions -- they have historic origins. Does it do us
any good to know these things? The date and place of our 
disenfranchisement? I need to know -- please come and discuss.  --PLW

a talk by


October 24, 1998  1PM 

$5-$10 donation for the event.

author of: Angels, Little Book of Angel Wisdom; Temporary Autonomous
Zone; Sacred Drift; Pirate Utopias; Gone to Croaton; Ploughing the
Clouds : The Soma Ceremony in Ancient Ireland; Scandal : Studies in
Islamic Heresy; The Drunken Universe : An Anthology of Persian Sufi
Poetry; Immediatism; Millenium 

A potluck will follow, bring a dish to share. & a dance party following
that.  Call ahead for overnight accommodations. 
You are also invited to help out in our first prairie burn on Oct 23 @
noon.  We will be burning 10 acres.  Wear appropriate clothing. 

for more info or directions to Dreamtime Village (in  southwestern WI)
call 608-625-4619
-Dreamtime Village-

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