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<<I have recently become interested in permaculture and was wondering if
had information on classes or talks or anything to do with permaculture in the
chicagoland area. thanks>>

Third Annual Permaculture Design Course Online Starts in November

	Elfin Permaculture's third Annual Permaculture Design Course Online will
begin at 
the end of November 1998.  The in-depth course runs 5-6 months, depending on
needs.  The course includes at home reading assignments, instructor's
distributed via email, email class discussion of current themes and student
projects, a 
number of special student reports, and a permaculture design project completed
by each 
student.  Successful completion of all course requirements leads to
certification as an entry-
level permaculturist.

	The course is particularly suited to people who cannot take two or three
weeks for a 
live permaculture course, people living in areas distant from such live
courses, and people 
seeking a particularly in-depth training in permaculture.  Advance students
may arrange to 
take the course at an advanced level. The course is not suitable for people
who require a 
more tactile approach to learning, unless arrangements are made to hybridize
the course 
with live training programs.  (Email this address for details) 

	As in all Elfin Permaculture programs, we offer some scholarships.  However
 the online course the number of scholarships is very limited, with a backlog
of qualified applicants.  Students are encouraged to seek funding from
suitable donors.

	Elfin Permaculture has arranged several alternative approaches for people who
exposure to the course material but cannot take the course at this time.  As
in our previous 
online courses, we offer monitor status at a nominal fee, so people can follow
the course 
reading, receive special instructor's materials, and read class discussion as
they see fit.  In 
addition, Elfin Permaculture offers for the first time a complete set of
reading assignments 
and course notes, on disk or in print.  We are aware that for some people,
email materials is not possible or is prohibitively expensive due to time
charges by their 
ISP.  They can now receive the class materials by mail. In addition, we will
take up to two 
conventional correspondence students, on a one-on-one basis, at one time,
either via mail 
or email.

	The broad course outline is as follows:
	Section 1:  Introduction and Basic Principles
		a)  World ecological problems and interrelationships.
		b)  Principles of natural design.
		c)  Permaculture design concepts.
		d)  Classical landscapes.
		e)  Patterning, edges, edge effects.
		f)  The Permaculture Design Report
		g)  Principles of transformation (in process--you will get as much as we 
have worked out at the moment--this is not part of ordinary permaculture
design courses).
	Section 2:  Appropriate Technologies in Permaculture Design
		a)  Energy--solar, wind, hydro, biomass, etc.
		b)  Nutrient cycles--soil, microclimates, gardening methods, perennials,
crops, food parks, composting toilets, livestock, "pest" management, food
storage, seed 
saving, cultivated systems, forests,  etc.
		c)  Water--impoundments, aquaculture, conservation, etc.
		d)   Buildings.
	Section 3:  Social permaculture.  Design Report.
		a)   Design for catastrophe.
		b)  Urban permaculture.
		c)  Bioregionalism.
		d)  Alternative economics.
		e)  Village development.
		f)  Final design reports and critiques.
		g)  Final evaluation.

For more information request the course protocol and reading list from Elfin
at Permacltur at

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