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Wed Oct 7 09:53:28 EDT 1998

I could not get the picture in the zone design to open for me.
check out a organic growers web page

>hi Sal,
>Guess you noticed the Zone sketch in Intorduction to Permaculture file?
>i am quitely proud of it.
>have had some famous visitors to our site which has kept me fired up.
>have a new and fun-loving permaculture apprentice at present too.
>everything is good now that the floods are ended, only the floods wrecked
>dam/pond.  good that there is more happening near to you.
>we have plenty of students and we are coping better with the work load.
>i publish the documents on cdrom
>and am working on creating a hyperlink-stack format for the information.
>can now add my designs that i do in water colour so it is as though all my
>work is converging.
>i am finally able to introduce some of my sketches and pictures and
>it should be a good permaculture encylopedia.
>there's always room to improve, but this is a good base.
>the initial plan for a 5 year CDrom project still seems within my reach.
>only 2 hard years to go.
>Leisure Coast Permaculture Visions
>International Permaculture Teaching Project
>Leaders in Student Focused Distance Learning.
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>> your web page is still one of the greatest. Every time I visit I learn
>> something.  It really sets me thinking on a good line.   how is
>> going.  .I am hearing more and more about Permaculture here is
>> southern Ca.
>> and they even have a coarse at the University on Permaculture and
>> I will go
>> to a few classes that are close by and hear a few speakers in Oct.  I
>> everything is fine with you all.
>> thanks for the web page and keep up the great work.
>> sal

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