Visiting India & Nepal

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Mon Oct 5 15:16:14 EDT 1998

Nick - Here's what I have dug up.  Its not necessarily real up-to-date, 
but maybe someone else will update, add, or confirm this.  John Irwin
<jwirwin at>   Bon Voyage....

India & Nepal    
1)  did you contact the Pc Intl Journal?
2)  Dan Hemenway  <Elfpermacl at> publishes TRIP, The International 
Resources in Pc, he should be able to help
3) Cynthia Edwards <ce at>, and Chris Evans have worked in 
Nepal - either or both may be there now - contact Linda Felch 
<lfelch at> of the School of Living if you can¹t 
reach Cynthia 
4)  Nepal - demonstration farm at Biratnigar, Nepal, in the sub-tropical 
eastern Terai, 450 km east of Kathmandu
5) India & Nepal - Permaculture Global Assistance Network - 
6) Intl Pc Conference #4, Feb 1991,  was held in Kathmandu, Nepal, host 
INSAN, Institute for Sustainable Agriculture, Badri Dahal, Director (or 
James Jiler-INSAN),  GPO Box 3033, Kathmandu, Nepal Ph 977-01-220448, 
fax 977-01-524509, Cable INSAN, Telex 2349 ICIMOD NP ( articles of Pc in 
Nepal: see Permaculture Activist #21 p 10-11, 14-15 Aug 1990) (also, 
Activist #23 pp. 20-27)  
7) India - contact Dr. Vandana Shiva  <vshiva at>, 
<vandana at>

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