Your web site/request for help on S Africa

Narasimhan Santhanam info at
Tue Oct 27 07:56:24 EST 1998


I was browsing the Net for details about your country when I came across
your web site and your contact details.

I am Narasimhan writing from India. You can get more information about
me at my personal web site: And
do check it out when you have time! It has interesting information that
you could enjoy. By the way, if you want more such please  write to me.
I will be glad to send you a collection by e-mail.

I am starting a new service on the Internet. This will provide
interesting information and quizzes in a variety of areas - from history
to Internet. It will be one of the largest sites on the Net for
inquisitive people and will cater to many regions and countries. In this
regard, I am getting in touch with people from different countries and
getting feedback from them, because I feel the way to know a country
best is to know about it from its people. I was wondering if you could
be interested in providing some help on your country.

The following are the inputs I require about your country. Any info you
can provide on these will be just great:

1. Major interest areas in your country. To give an example, in India
the major interest areas are the game of Cricket, Indian movies and
movie stars, comic books, Indian history & culture  etc. Similarly we
would like to know the main interest areas for the people of your
2. In your opinion, what are the broad areas/sections that should be
included in a site like the one I am planning? For instance, many people
have suggested that I add a section on puzzles. Similarly, do you feel
there is any other section I should include?
3. Can you tell us any good web sites we can visit from your country, in
this regard?
4. Are there many people interested in quizzing & quizzes in your
country? Are only students interested, or are also adults interested in
5. It will be great if you could forward this note to others who could
also be interested in providing such feedback. You can also
alternatively recommend them to me so I can get in touch with them

Thanks for reading this mail, and I look forward to your valuable
inputs. I am sincerely sorry if this mail is a bother.

Best wishes and regards
Narasimhan, info at

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