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>Thank you, Gib & Dan!
>That bamboo idea sure is inspirational. I have been contemplating bamboo for my
>own [little] site. Which species did you plant in Oregon, Gib?

At Barney Amdahl's riparian planting on the Coquille River in Oregon there
are 3 species he selected.

Phyllostachys heterocycla pubescens - MOSO BAMBOO
Sasa kurielensis
Pseudosasa japonica - ARROW BAMBOO

It was planted in 1994-1995. He told me a few months ago that the plants
are finally beginning to make leaps in growth.

We hope to write an article about this for the Oregon Bamboo Association.

This is to show there are several bamboo books available for
Bamboo Identification/Photo Books: ( domestic prices are from Tradewinds
Bamboo Nursery, ask for the full email list of books and plants)

A Compendium of Chinese Bamboo  $90
Bamboos of the Chitou Forest Recreation Area    $25
Bamboos of Bhutan               $12
The Bamboos of Nepal    $12
Catalog of the Bambouseraie de Prafrance (in English)   $12

Another book from Tradewinds is:

"Bamboo on the Farm" by Daphne Lewis      $20

Daphne's new booklet is available:

"Hardy Bamboos for Shoots & Poles  - Thirty Varieties of
Bamboo for Farms in USDA Zones 7, 8, 9." is ready. It is intended to enable
farmers to decide which species to plant. It is not an ID book. It has 28
pages and no illustrations except the drawing on the cover, by John
Bettman. It describes species of Phyllostachys in chart form to make
comparisons easier. The headings are: Northwest height in feet [Max U.S.
height],  Maximum diameter inches [Max US. diam.], Minimum temp Fahrenheit,
Quality of poles & wood, Quality of shoot, Shoot season, Forage quality
[August measurement] % protein, % fat, Previous flowering dates, Flowering
cycle in years, first introduced to U.S. Plant Introduction #, and
Comments. The Comments column takes up a whole page whereas the other
columns all fit on one page. Synonyms are given and the meaning of the
scientific name.  The text was edited by Gib Cooper, Richard Haubrich, Adam
Turtle, and Rick Valley. One page is headed "Why Plant Bamboo on the Farm?"
Six pages are devoted to "Explanation of Headings".
        James Clever is handling the sales and marketing of this book.The
book mail orders in the United States for $12 and sells retail for $10.00.
The minimum wholesale order is 12 books. Wholesale price is $6.00. To order
send a check to James Clever, the Bamboo Gardener,  (206-782-3490) 2609 NW
86th Street, Seattle Washington 98117 USA.  I will post costs of shipping
outside the US.

Contact Daphne at <dblewis at AA.NET>
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