Redwater, ticks and old grass [Ireland]

Xavier Dequaire xavierd at
Tue Oct 13 03:38:14 EDT 1998

>That bamboo idea sure is inspirational.

a nice source of Bamboos and bamboo-information is

La Bambouseraie
Prafrance 30140 ANDUZE

phone:  + 33  4 66 61 70 47
fax:      +33  4  66 61 64 15

they have a very nice and instructive catalogue, in several languages. It
is worth to get it.
with info about size, climate tolerance (down bellow -20 oC!), edible
sprouts etc.

it will confirm you that Phyllostachys ssp. can grow in Ireland,
Phyllostachys congesta is especially tolerant for water.
They is a large enough choice in the catalogue, probably more if you ask
them: they send all over the world.



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