Redwater, ticks and old grass [Ireland]

Gib Cooper bambugib at
Wed Oct 7 10:34:49 EDT 1998

In Oregon we have a similar scenario but I have never heard of a tick
problem. One scheme has been to plant harvestable timber bamboo on private
lands between the fence and the waterway. On the Coquille River, landowner
Barney Amdahl, purchased 3 bamboo species and using the State of Oregon's
program for riparian improvement had the fence and bamboo planted with the
state crew. This was 3 years ago. We are monitoring the progrees of this

Perhaps the planting of bamboo or willow on the otherside of the fence
would ease this stockman's fears. Perhaps he will appreciate another
marketable crop?


Gib Cooper
Secretary, Oregon Bamboo Association

>Dear all,
>at a recent farm visit a cattle farmer pointed out that his obligation to fence
>off watercourses as part of an agri-environmental scheme presented him with a
>new problem. He claimed that the rank, old grass behind the fence would lead to
>increased numbers of ticks which in turn increases the risk of Redwater
>(Clostridium novyi Type D infection) occuring in his herd.
>Does anyone on these lists have any evidence (incidental/scientific) for an
>increase in tick populations in rank, old grass or any general
>information/recommendations on how to avoid Redwater infection?
>Many thanks in advance.
>Ute Bohnsack
>Co. Clare
>mailto:sustag at

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