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Howdy, all--

Those of you who are responsible for or support colleagues who are 
responsible for Web sites might like to know about these resources.



Libwww--The W3C Sample Code Library

The World Wide Web Consortium has begun to make its sample code
library, Libwww, publicly available. "Libwww is a general-purpose Web
API written in C for Unix and Windows (Win32). With a highly
extensible and layered API, it can accommodate many different types of
applications . . . The purpose of Libwww is to provide a sample
implementation of HTTP and other Internet protocols and to serve as a
testbed for protocol experiments." The numerous 'plug-and-play'
modules include a rudimentary HTML parser. Compressed source code,
documentation, and example applications are available.

Yale C/AIM Web Style Guide
Less graphical entrance:

To guide anyone who wants to produce a well-designed web site, the
Yale Center for Advanced Instructional Media (C/AIM) provides this
style manual, which comfortingly states, "The basic elements of a
document aren't complicated, and have almost nothing to do with
Internet technology." C/AIM develops multimedia educational and
communications programs; the Web Style Guide is an outgrowth of their
web development projects. The Guide addresses the problem of creating
Web sites that are both easy to use and full of complex content by
applying sound design concepts derived from print media traditions.
The Guide is broken into chapters on topics such as interface, site,
and page design, web graphics, multimedia and animation, and also
includes extensive bibliographies and a visual glossary of common
interface icons such as buttons and check boxes. 

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