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The Permaculture FAQ has just been greatly revised and updated, 
however the title and url location has changed. 

Old locations:

New location: 

Introduction to Permaculture: Concepts and Resources  (May 1998)

The PC FAQ Story: 

The Permaculture FAQ grew out of the author's efforts to include
permaculture education in his work as a sustainable ag farm advisor at
ATTRA, the national sustainable farming information center located at
the University of Arkansas.  Larry London and Lee Barnes on the old
permaculture-mg mailing list suggested I reformat some of the material
I'd already compiled and publish it as a FAQ.  In 1995, the author
published The Permaculture FAQ 1.0 in September of 1995.  The FAQ was
written as an information leaflet rather than a series of "Frequently
Asked Questions."  Two updates in the FAQ series followed.  Larry
London at Sunsite and Michael Yount at Communications for a
Sustainable Future maintained the FAQ in text and html formats.

The switch to the ATTRA web site will enable the author to make 
regular updates and address corrections.  The publication is available
from ATTRA as both a print publication as well as a web publication.
The title was altered to serve both print and web versions, and
because many people associate FAQ's with a series of questions rather
than a fact sheet format.

Take a look at the new version on the ATTRA web site at
and let me know if you have any comments or suggestions. 

Steve Diver

steved at

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