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>From: Adrian Goh <agoh at nw.com.au>
>To: Permaculture WA <perma at eepo.com.au>
>> >|    Unsubscribe!!!!!
>> You already have the information to DIY.
>I would like to unsubscribe.  Is this possible?  What is the address for
>the DIY unsubscribe please?
>            subscribe permaculture list
 Firstly You can subscribe/unsubscribe on the web at


Please email information on how to subscribe to the permaculture mailing
list, if any.

----------------From Vic----------------------------
* Hi this is what your email  should look like

To: listserver at eepo.com.au.

un/subscribe perma  Vic Guest    



Change Vic Guest for you, (your name) and your return address will take care
of the rest.

Note!! there is no signature or the listserver will try and process it.
Type quit on the line before your sig or delete your sig

The reply to you will give you an index of commands, which if implemented
will give you information on that topic.

Such as!!!

To: listserver at eepo.com.au.


quit   (End)

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