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Fri May 22 10:57:32 EDT 1998

         I have been sent several messages about This sort of communication
where the 

>On Mon, 18 May 1998, toby hoffman wrote:
>> Yes am interested. Is there much machinery pollution or other? What and 
>> where is it? Toby Hoffman 
>> > Interest in holistic farming AND hospitality as well as holistic ranching
>> > are essential. 

As you can see when you read the letter it has a direct connection to 
Barbara and is a frustration to other readers of the list. When you send 
personal corespondance through the list.
I Also have the same annoyance with people who want to Unsubscribe, when
I have sent the information to the list only days before.
The list Automatically sends instructions when you subscribe as to what you 
can and can't do including how to Unsubscribe.
I am not responsible.
Hope this helps.

>> > 
>> > Reply direct.
>> > 
>> > Barbara Phillips
>> > Clear Creek Gardens & Game, Inc.

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