Greywater Reuse Course for Paul Meleng and permies

Martin Anda anda at
Mon May 18 23:01:26 EDT 1998


I am running the same workshop on June 6 again at the ETC and a demo site
somewhere else.  The May 2 workshop went very well with a good turnout and
two installations complete.  Hope you can make it.


>> From: Martin Anda <anda at>
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>> Subject: Greywater Reuse Course
>> Date: Friday, 1 May 1998 8:50
>Martin I'm so glad you are there plugging away at the good work.
>I would have liked to do the greywater course had I not been committed so
>keep on letting me know of these things.   It is hugely relevant work...
>even though the "suits"
>don't see it :-)
>I have "coined a phrase"   .... "There's no democracy without concrete".
>Which basically means that unless the Govt can let a big contract to some
>in exchange for favours and campaign funds ..............  well, you know
>the rest :-)

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