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Fellow Australian campaigners,  here is a much-needed refreshing
interlude, a neat shot of morale, posted to us from our Canadian
colleagues.  I  make no apology for presenting it in one piece.

The author is The Rev Jack McLachlan of Immanuel Uniting Church,
Winnipeg  mclachla at

AN ALTERNATIVE MAI (Multilateral Agreement on Investment.)

(as posted on flora.mai-not, 15/5/98, by a friend, Jeremy Nelson)

MAI--FOR THE PEOPLE (Mutual Advantage International for the People)


The present world view  of the MAI is the result of the failure of the
imagination. We are proposing a world view that is not only attainable
but necessary for all  the people of the earth. We think it is time
that the citizens of the earth begin to shape the life and nature of the
planet so that all people, not just a few, can live in freedom and without
fear and want.

It is also our view that  the resources of the nations belong to all
the citizens of the nations and not to just a few corporate executives
and their shareholders. We believe that merger is a good thing, but it
should be a merging of the people not of corporations.

We hold these views out of our long historical heritage as church
people, as social activists, as humanitarians and  as human beings.
It is out of this heritage that we see ourselves not as consumers but
as citizens responsible to one another and the earth.

In addition the present MAI was written in secret. Our proposal is
that this one be written in full public view  by the people of the
In other words. that it would be posted on the Internet and  in papers
orwhatever means of communications is available and people of the earth
would be encouraged to respond and would shape this agreement. The
following MAI for the People is an outline to which people can
add or change.

What would MAI for the people  look like?

Article(1)   A world where the people are first would provide basic
health care for every living person on the face of the planet regardless
of race or social status.Were there are systems in place that prohibit
this, these systems would be rolled back.
Addendum: That Orthomolecular Medicine be the preferred Option.

Article(2)   A world where the the people are first would provide
basic education for every young person on the face of the globe within
their culture and world view. We view  movements by corporations and
wealthy elites to take over public education as creeping expropriation
of our lives.
 Addendum: That the withholding of information become an international 

Article(3)  A world where the work of women in the home and society
would be recognised and therefore funded on the same basis as other
workers in society.

Article(4)   A world where there would be adequate fresh water for
health and family needs.

Article(5)   A world where there would be adequate food and shelter
for all human beings  so that they may live decent human lives.

Article(6)   A world  where there would be a totally independant
International Judiciary to which all the citizens of the earth would
have access. This Judiciary would have authority over all corporations
and financial entities. It would be appointed by the courts of the

Article(7)  A  world where patents of such things as seeds, genes,
human genes, language etc, would not be permitted as they, like air,
belong to the people of the world as a whole.
(Addendum: That any patent which would improve the enviroment, become 
the property of the people and the development and revenue be used to
support the inventor and all inventors.

Article(8)   A world where  local culture would be supported and
strengthened with all  the financial resources that are collectively
available. Each culture, like some rare plant, would be seen as a
unique resource and gift to the whole world.

Article(9)   A world where radical forgiveness would be practised by
the courts and by the people as the only means of overcoming the
deep and tragic wounds of the past.

Article(10)  A world where the press would be truly free, and the
average person has a means whereby his gifts and concerns will be
heard. The press, radio, internet would be owned by the people.

Article(11)   A world where creativity and arts would be fully
supported financially and profoundly encouraged.

Article(12)  A world  where the environment , forest and oceans  along
with the creatures that dwell in them  would be  protected as part of
the web of all human life.

Article(13)  In the world of trade the emphasis would be not on Free
trade but on Fair trade.

Article(14)   In the world of Global Finance the Tobin Tax would be
put in place, only it would be a more aggressive tax that is at
present envisioned. Monies would of course be used for  the
assistance of the more vulnerable sections of the Globe.

Article(15)  A world where adequate day care for all young children
and working mothers would be provided.

Article(16) A world where  banking, and  banking institutions will be
seen as instruments for the good  of the common people and their
main purpose will be to promote the welfare of the people and  the

Article(17)  Hearings to ensure that all viewpoints and concerns are
expressed  would be held in each country in the world and would be
held in such manner that everyone would have access to them.

Article(18) A world where the determining and restraining factors of
the limits of  new technology  would  be the social and human

Article(19) A world where all child labour would be eliminated.

Article(20) A world where it is the basic right of all people to hold
meaningful employment.

Article(21) A world where the maximum CEO's salary is 2 1/2  times
that of the lowest paid worker.

Article(22) A world where there would be a standstill clause  to
prevent any corporation  or financial institution from  imposing its
will upon any nation of the world.

Article(23) A  world where the universities would be no longer
a function of  corporate money-making. They would be funded
independently  by the people for the pursuit of knowledge.

Article(24)  An extensive  reshaping of the world's political and
economic system  will  be written so that it reflects the democratic
and human values that are reflected in these Articles.

We invite your thinking, your additions, your deletions and your

[Respondents can email the ingenious author direct on
mclachla at ]

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