Holistic goals for permies. (fwd)

Victor Guest vic at daena.eepo.com.au
Sat May 16 15:18:31 EDT 1998

I will post some of the info from Dicks site onto this list.
It may be possible to do Holistic Management on the Internet through Dick.
Some of the Permies who have done the course are wrapped.
I'll add the web info as well.

Help yourself, Vic. The entire site has been pulled down for other courses,
and give me feedback when it can help me improve the site. I'll be
reorganizing it over the next 3 or 4 months, so it will be changing it's
"look" a bit, and probably getting some badly needed editing. I'd like to
know how to weave in more Permaculture, actually. So, maybe you and others
can help me do this.


At 12:40 PM 5/13/98 +0800, Victor Guest wrote:
>Dick can I have permission to use this document for Permaculture WA.
>I would like to do the training, but at present I don't have the finance.
>We have had Alan Savoury address the Permaculture Convergence in 1997, 
>however no one is offering any courses in Holistic Management as part of 
>a Permaculture Design Course, where I beleive it aught to be.
>I also think that if our council could get it's direction from a holistic 
>goal that it would have a very positive outcome.
>          Vic
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