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Victor Guest vic at
Thu May 14 10:04:24 EDT 1998

From: "Andrea Downey-Franchuk, Principal" <enscribe at>
Greetings from Winnipeg.

I would like to share a couple of Web sites of interest to sustainable
agriculture educators.

Introducing the Organic Producers Association of Manitoba web site about

what certified organic food means, and how to become a certified organic


Check out:

Also, a paperless recycling depot/environmental education website
designed for K-12  students and anyone else who is curious about
recycling issues.  Check out:   -- that has been of particular
interest to Canadian Agriculture in the Classroom organizations.

If you have any questions regarding these Sites, please contact me at
enscribe at MTS.Net.

Andrea Downey-Franchuk, Web Master & Principal
EnviroScribe Consulting, Winnipeg, MB  Canada

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