Projects in Latin America (fwd)

Martin Anda anda at
Wed May 13 01:55:09 EDT 1998


please make contact with Peter Devereuax (pdevereux at at the
Overseas Service Bureau in Subiaco, Perth, WA for projects in Central
America and Adam Tiller (adamt at at Australian Conservation
Foundation in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Vic. for Cuba.

All the best.

>From: Paul Fuller Hubbard <hubbarpf at>
>To: Victor Guest <vic at>
>   Hi, there.  I am desperately seeking a job or internship in Latin
>America hopefully having something to do with Permaculture.  I WWOOFed in
>New Zealand all last year, and worked on many permaculture farms ( Rainbow
>Valley Farm, Tree Dimension Nursery, etc.).  I am learning spanish, too,
>and need to practice it to become fluent.  Well, if you have any ideas for
>me or resources that I could call, please let me know.  It would be a huge
>help.  Thanx, Paul Hubbard     hubbarpf at

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