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Victoria and others,

I was away on travel for some time and can share these gems culled from a
search of my email archives.

- Kansas Sustainable Agriculture Series. The booklet series is of interest
to anyone concerned about sustainable agriculture, including academics,
farmers, conservationists, and others in the public and private sectors. The
titles in the series are Defining and Implementing Sustainable Agriculture;
Indicators of Sustainability in Whole-Farm Planning: Literature Review;
Indicators of Sustainability in Whole-Farm Planning: Planning Tools;
Enhancing Sustainable Agriculture Through Farmer Groups: The Experience of
the Kansas Heartland Network; and Kansas County Extension Agents and
Attitudes about On-Farm Research: Results of a Survey. Contact Stan
Freyenberger at 913-532-4486.

Posted in 7.97 (perhaps worth follow-up to see what was obtained for Ramsey
Minnesota's search):
	I am interested in ideas for and completed text of environmental
sections of city comp. plans.  Suggestions for biological and
sustainability indicators would be most welcomed.
	-- Bruce Bacon,  City of Ramsey, 612/427-1410

Poated in 9.97
	27 non-profit organizations in the Great Lakes region collaborated
through the Environmental Defense Fund's (EDF's) Pollution Prevention
Alliance to prepare this Kit last year.  The Kit is a set of tools --
ideas, procedures and resources -- to help local leaders, residents, and
businesses work toward making their own communities more sustainable.
While sustainability encompasses many things, from affordable health
care and housing to a safe and clean environment, the Kit is focused on
the environmental and pollution prevention aspects of sustainable
communities efforts.
	The Kit is a ring binder of text, worksheets and graphics divided into
10 sections (each averaging about 10 pages):  Defining Sustainability;
Multi-Stakeholder Process; Developing a Project Idea; Stakeholders;
Ground Rules; Shared Project Objective; Strategy Development; Indicators
of Progress; Case Studies; Resources.
	Call Philipp Muessig (612/215-0204 or
<philipp.muessig at>) for a free copy while they last.
Or, for $10, copies are available from EDF at 203/387-3500.

 For a whole training course on indicators of sustainability also try:

For everything you wish to know about THE NATURAL STEP:

Best Wishes,

Douglas B. Johnson

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