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Avalon Bruce avalonb at nwol.net
Sun May 3 06:10:11 EDT 1998

hey doll!

just a quickie from this 'doll' re; funny feelings afoot -- been having
them down here, too -- NO rain since march 7th -- may come a gully
washer this evening, tho --

tix the sunspots, _I_ think -- more active than 'normal' and a real
biggie set for nov. 17th this year, per another list i'm on -- been
noticing MY energy level is TOO abherrant (abhorrant?), fluctuating too
much -- heat and winds -- 111 temp and 30-40 mph 'breezes' cooked one
side of one of my peach trees -- the west side -- much will come back
out, but still set the little thing back

otherwise, MOST of my very lovingly tended plants are hanging on, but...

more later. av

blissv at nmhu.campus.mci.net wrote:
> re: purple growing tips...
> Have you been having unusually cool weather as we are here in NM?  I have
> noticed the new growth on many plants coming out a dark red or purplish
> color..I had always thought this was a problem with fluctuating
> temperature..particularly nights that were getting unseasonable cool. Jack
> says he thinks there may be a phosphorus deficiency. These may relate...
> Also, we have had wind here..intense and incessant winds for over a month
> now with NO rain..the plants are not doing too well. I, too, Marsha, feel
> there are cosmic imbalances that the weather is responding to and the plants
> as well. So am I , for that matter. I have been dizzy, numbness in the
> extremities and generally despondant. I do not think the many nuclear
> detonations under the skin of the Earth creates energy that is very good for
> any of us. I would be interested in any observations others are noticing.
> Vicki

The Earth is not given to us by our parents.
It is loaned to us by our children.

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