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Organic Peacock Farmer devastated after having his lawsuit of pesticide
drift dismissed rendering the Pesticide Act of Iowa invalid and void.

Dennis Fett, owner and founder of the Peacock Information Center,
www.peacockinformation.com, of Minden, Iowa was devastated today after
learning from his Attorney, Mr. Phil Willson of Council Bluffs, Iowa of the
court¹s decision by Judge Connolly of  the Iowa District Court of
Pottawattamie County (case #70937, Fett vs. Koch Agri Services) denying Fett
from recovering thousands of dollars of damage after the State of Iowa
Pesticide laboratory found conclusive evidence of 2,4-D in apple and tomato
vegetation on his 4 acre truck garden and peacock farm.

The ruling by Judge Connolly renders the Pesticide Act Of Iowa codes invalid
and void.  This decision also sends a message to applicators of pesticides
that even if the state of Iowa gives a citation for pesticide misuse such as
drifting of pesticides onto a non-targeted area, as in Fett¹s case, an
individual will not be allowed to recover damages caused by said violation.

Fett addressed lawmakers in Des Moines, Iowa in January 1998  with his
concern prior to this decision to the Agricultural Subcommittee  at the
State Legislature in hopes in changing laws allowing damaged parties to
recoup damages if an action/warning by the State Department of Agriculture
and Land Stewardship of Iowa is issued.

Further devastating to Fett,  after directing his attorney to appeal the
decision,  Attorney Willson  refused  and advised him to seek another
attorney if he wished to appeal.

Because of nearly $300,000.00 worth of damage to peacocks, trees,
vegetation, garden, flowers, and court and attorney fees, Fett is unable to
meet his financial needs.  Fett hopes to find an attorney to represent him
in his appeal before the appeal deadline date of June 25, 1998  and is
asking for any help or advise that anyone could give.

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