hedgerow plants

Michael Miller & Ute Bohnsack burrenag at iol.ie
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Hi Arina,
I guess it all comes down to site condition. My brother-in-law has planted
some in a loamy soil in northern Germany and they sucker profusely. As for
here (Ireland / brown earth) I'll have to see and wait as they were only
planted this spring. I also took some ripe berries around Christmas 96 from
Germany and managed to grow some plants. I hope there'll be a male amongst
them. You are right, of course, about giving away surplus plants. There's
not much of a garden culture in this neck of the woods and most people here
have never seen sea buckthorn but I guess I could convince some folks of
the plants value. 
Another anecdote: In the post WWII years sea buckthorn was protected by law
in Germany as it was pretty much the only source of Vitamin C left in the
country (apart from apples)!


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| At 02:22 PM 5/28/98 +0100, Michael Miller & Ute Bohnsack wrote:
| >Hi!
| >Sorry to contradict you but in my experience Hippophae - under the right
| >conditions - is quite invasive as it suckers. It's a classic pioneer of
| >sandy coastal habitats in Europe. I haven't seen it being spread by
| >(seeds) outside its natural habitat, though. Personally I love it and
| >planted a few and hope they *will* invade my place because of their
| >and invaluable properties. If there's too much I can always cut it back
| >dig it up.
| >
| >Ute
| Don't want to argue, but I have not seen a single sucker for 16 years in
| none of seabuckthorn orchards in my homecountry (but it is not sandy nor
| coastal). I read about root suckers as one of the propagation techniks
| sea berry. So far we were able to find only three nurseries in USA which
| carry seabuckthorn in very limited numbers and varieties. So at some
| even if in your particular enviroment it will tend to spread by suckers
| can always pot it, so more people can enjoy this nice plant.
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