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Sat May 30 23:54:01 EDT 1998

At 09:50 AM 5/30/98 +0000, Miekal And wrote:
>perhaps you could answer 2 other questions in reference to sea
>buckthorn.  I just read that in order to get good fruit production you
>need to have 1 male for every 6 females.  Ive never seen trees offered
>that were sexed.  Also I am growing some from seed, they have just put
>out their first real leaves, what is the best way to get them thru the
>first winter, they seem to be going very slowly & if I plant them out,
>they could get beat back by the winter.
>Dreamtime Village

Hello Miekal,

Please contact One Green World nursery if you want to get sexed trees of
four  different varieties. Ask for a handfull of dirt if you will buy
bearroots, so you can innoculate them with the specific nitrogen-fixing
baktheria, associated with seaberry.

One Green World
Box 1080
Molalla OR 97038
f. 503-651-3882

I think feeding the seedlings will help them to establish. If you have a
Russian Olive near buy, get some soil from around its roots, dilute it with
water and feed your seedlings - it might help them to establish  symbiosis
with the nitrogen-fixing bacteria. When winter comes mulch plants with
leaves and saw dust, protect them from wind.

Recommended soil mixture for the seedlings and cuttings is  1 part of river
sand, 1 part of peat moss and 1 part of top soil.

best wishes 
Scott & Arina Pittman

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