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At 12:49 PM 5/28/98 -0500, Guy Clark wrote:
>	According to Dirr's Manual of Woody Landscape Plants, Common Seabuckthorn
>(Hippophae rhamnoides) is hardy to Zone 3 (-40).  He says it does tend to
>form large colonies by suckering profusely, but he does not curse it by
>calling it invasive.  It is supposed to have a bright orange fruit which is
>drupe-like.  He says that it is one of the best plants for winter fruit
>color.  It is nitrogen fixing; in fact, it is in the same family as the
>Autumn Olive.  He says that it can be a bit difficult to get started.  It
>prefers an infertile, sandy soil with a moist subsoil.  It is salt tolerant
>and should be planted in a ratio of 6 females to one male for proper
>pollination (much like Ilex verticillata).  It is apparently hard to sex
>the plants so you may end up with all non-fruiting plants.
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It can be propageted by both greenwood and hardwood cuttings, wich will have
the same sex as parent plant.

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