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Sat May 30 23:23:03 EDT 1998

At 02:22 PM 5/28/98 +0100, Michael Miller & Ute Bohnsack wrote:
>Sorry to contradict you but in my experience Hippophae - under the right
>conditions - is quite invasive as it suckers. It's a classic pioneer of
>sandy coastal habitats in Europe. I haven't seen it being spread by birds
>(seeds) outside its natural habitat, though. Personally I love it and have
>planted a few and hope they *will* invade my place because of their beauty
>and invaluable properties. If there's too much I can always cut it back or
>dig it up.

Don't want to argue, but I have not seen a single sucker for 16 years in
none of seabuckthorn orchards in my homecountry (but it is not sandy nor
coastal). I read about root suckers as one of the propagation techniks for
sea berry. So far we were able to find only three nurseries in USA which
carry seabuckthorn in very limited numbers and varieties. So at some point
even if in your particular enviroment it will tend to spread by suckers you
can always pot it, so more people can enjoy this nice plant.

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