PC Distance Learning

April Sampson-Kelly askpv at ozemail.com.au
Thu May 28 23:16:49 EDT 1998

OF course we have students in the USA, Canada and even Alaska.
I think there was a similar type of correspondence courses being run
by Dan Elph... (can't remember spellin - certainly remember the man)
Do you remeber him - I think he lives with some alliigators in
Florida now.
He was a frequent speaker on the mailing list.
I no where he is lurking - can get his address for you.
Check out my web page - I have been working hard at getting together some
good links.

Leisure Coast Permaculture Visions
International Permaculture Teaching Project
specialising in distance learning.

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> Hi, April
> Can you give me details on those Permaculture Correspondence courses you
> mentioned.
> Are there any such programs here in the US? Which ones do our fellow list
> members recommend? Thanks. frank

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