Teach PC!?

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Yes, as I see it, I agree with you.  In the work I do, I call this the 
"Vanna White Effect" or the ability to create a structural tension in our 
minds from where we are to where we want to be.  It's amazing how it works 
and fosters creativity and inspirition.

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the learning process for the individual needs a peaceful and supportive 
environment true, but it also needs inspirational forces and triggers for 
creative energy.

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> I have had really good results using a experiential learning
> process which
> I call Consensus Building and Conflict Resolution.  This process is
> founded on the principle of honoring all people and listening with
> respect.  I am conscious of balancing power to reduce the possibility of
> power-related conflicts.
> I also work with human nature, as I see it, by acknowledging our 
> to see many things from a "survival of self" or fear-based perspective
> instinctively, then focusing on a "community wellbeing" or hope-based
> perspective.
> I have used this process with all kinds of people and cultures ranging
> from Native Americans, Africans (Malawi), European originated people in
> the United States, Canada, and Australia, and even universities (which 
> a breed unto itself - sorry about the bias).  I have used this with 
> / men groups, various occupations (agriculture, business, education, and
> government service), and various ages (3-70+).
> There are many methods as there are people and individual
> learning styles.
>  This seems to work consistently for me.  Hope this helps.
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> Excellence can be attained if you...
> Care more than others think is wise,
> Risk more than others think is safe,
> Dream more than others think is practical,
> Expect more than others think is possible.
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> I want to start a discussion about teaching styles and
> methods that have been proven effective primarily in the
> United States and are slowly integrated in other
> cultural regions.
> The importance of permaculture being tought at it's
> highest level to everyone everywhere is a challenge.
> Is it a matter of how to teach, for example, children
> on their level of maturity, intelligence, backround,
> culture.....and attention span.
> Some teaching methods have been proven to be more
> effective than others. Independent on the approach
> the material and it's value shall not be compromised.
> Obviously, different alleys are needed to reach
> different target groups.
> PC thought in "Lecture Style" vs.Experiential
> Teaching/Learning, Seminar style vs. whatever unique
> style and methods of reaching and teaching.
> How do these methods sacrifice their effectiveness
> depending on the culture and history of the region
> or country?
> Thanks for your thoughts
> Jenny Cocq

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