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Welcome to ALT-URB,  a new (May 1998) email discussion list focusing on alternative urban lifestyles, including intentional community, cohousing, ecovillages, extended and polyamory family groups, any other atypical living arrangement. "urban" is a loosely-defined term here - including cities, towns, urbanized areas, dense suburbs and bedroom communities up to the urban fringe.  Discussion is open to any relevant topic and "in search of" posts seeking connections or information.  Topics might include zoning and legal issues, urban gardening and agriculture, architecural and construction issues, urban adaptive reuse, government regulation, cultural discussions, discrimination and hostility, good neighboring, and anything else that seems discussable. The FAQ will be periodically posted.

Please observe the usual rules of list etiquette, such refraining from making insulting and inflammatory statements about other folk's beliefs and lifestyles.  Please dont quote the entire text of a post in replying, or quote private email on-list.  And please keep from sending "Yeah!  Me too!"  posts.  Most of us are busy folks that want to quickly sort through our email and sift out the stuff we can use.  Take personal discussions off list.

The list is mothered by Tracy Brant, who may be contacted at TBRANT1 at AOL.COM with suggestions for the FAQ.

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