jason.hatfield at hermes.sit.edu jason.hatfield at hermes.sit.edu
Thu May 28 00:25:27 EDT 1998

Responding to the message from :
> My local university is planning an "Ecologicaly Sustainable Development"
> degree stream and I was thinking of lobbying for Pc to be included as a
> specific subject/s.
> I am looking to identify universities/colleges that have Pc in their
> curriculum and to learn how it operates.
> Maybe Akiva could share with us how students use the "continuing 
> education
> units (CEUs)" available on his course?
> Thanks
> David
The University of New Hampshire has a sustainable living minor, which i 
don't personally know much about, but bruce kantner at the gaia education 
outreach institute would. his email is geo at ic.org
hope that's helpful,

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