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Let's work with Sal to help build a new self-regulating agricultural
industry for small, local, natural-biological-ecological farmers
and their valued customers and put the USDA thievery behind us!!!

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A lot of folks say give the USDA more rope and see if they can pull their
selfs out the pit they dug for the organic grower yet  I feel the USDA 
will just save more rope to hang their selfs.  The USDA  have broke the
public/private partnership that Congress intended to establish in its
passage of the Organic Foods Production Act of 1960.  The USDA published a
proposed rule that is so unacceptable to the organic community and the
public at large and caused the organic movement many hours of expense,
time and dismay and seem like they are going to cause the organic movement
even more time and money and steal even more of our meditation while the
USDA  bum raps the organic growers saying we are no safer then
conventional growers.  Because of this as well as on general
principle we take strong exception to any fees  that this federal government
would levy on organic certifiers,producers and processors to pay for the
program .Not one cent!  I feel the certifiers  ,organic
clubs,associations,inspectors,and growers and buyers should stay vigilant
and I feel we should forget the USDA now and lets put all our energy into
industry self regulation .  Tell the USDA they cannot have our certifiers
nor our inspectors nor our growers processors handlers .  Get your own
USDA agents. We have worked too hard for too long to just turn every thing
we call ours to the USDA.  The USDA has show many of us that they are
truly the wolf in sheeps' clothing and we would be a fool to let the fox
watch the hen house.  First time shame on you second time shame on me for
thinking  the leopard can change its spots.  The organic movement will
keep on keeping on despite the USDA and all the little organic Gestapo
that want to take over the organic movement . We are not the droids you
are looking for.  We will overcome this day!  

Lets us forget the USDA now and let us put all our energy into industry self
regulation .  let us not waste another day trying to change the wolf into the
shepherds. The USDA is a the problem  and the organic movement is the
solution.  Do you all want to be part of the problem? 

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