1998 Permaculture Rendezvous & Sustainable Living Fair

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Tue May 12 01:53:32 EDT 1998


		      	Permaculture West & The Sustainable Living News Present:


					   June 19th-21st
				       	Wild Thyme Farm
					    Oakville, WA

	Pacific NW Permaculture Gatherings have been held around the region ever
since 1983.  This year Permaculture West in association with The
Sustainable Living News and Wild Thyme Farm is proud to host the 1998
Rendezvous with the addition of the First Annual Sustainable Living Fair.  
This weekend convergence will host a variety of educational & networking
opportunities ranging from workshops, hands-on demonstrations and
presentations, to a trade-show of NW representatives of sustainable and
ecological design.
	In addition to our annual gathering, we are hosting a Sustainable Living
Fair as a one-day introduction to: sustainable living, permaculture design,
natural building, social forestry, appropriate technology, community
development, alternative economic systems, sustainable cottage industries,
and much more.  As a means of introducing the public to the resources
available in the NW, regional permaculture designers and other
representatives of sustainable design will be on hand.  Vendor booths,
educational displays, product tables, and live demonstrations will
compliment this rich offering of talent and information.

Workshops: Bamboo on the Farm, identifying native plants, agroforestry, cob
construction, cultivating edible mushrooms, special forest products,
strawbale architecture, food forest design, managing water in the
landscape, bioregional mapping, soil science, and more.
Hands-on: sheet mulching, swale restoration, cob construction, making
tinctures & oil infusions, site planning, and more.
Demonstration: blacksmithing, small-scale woodmilling, cob oven building,
and more.
Networking: sessions on starting a local permaculture group, bioregional
publishing, bartering/local currency systems, ecological design as a
profession, individual presentations on 

Children's activities: petting zoo, treasure hunt, nature walks, and more.
Vendor's booths: educational materials, hand-crafted products,
informational displays, and more.
Plant sale: regional nurseries will be represented
Presentations: Local/regional economic systems, co-housing, cottage
industries, alternative transportation, sustainable architectural design,
community supported agriculture and sustainable food production, and more.

Wild Thyme Farm is a privately owned arboretum and natural resources
research facility located just 35 minutes south of Olympia, WA.  Employing
permaculture strategies of integrated design, WTF is being transformed from
a dairy farm to a model of sustainable rural design.  Permaculture West and
WTF have been working together to implement agroforestry techniques, fruit
orchards, edible landscapes, bamboo varietal trials, animal & plant guilds,
& much more.

Three-day conference: $80-$125*
Saturday Sustainable Living Fair: $10-$35*
*inquire about our sliding fee scale
To register for the weekend Rendezvous please send a $25 deposit (or $10
deposit for Saturday Fair only) to Permaculture West at the address below.

For a detailed flier and informational brochure please contact:
Permaculture West
72 Mattson Rd.
Oakville, WA 98568
ph/fx: (360) 273-7117
permawest at olywa.net


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