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Mon May 11 19:03:55 EDT 1998

Dear permaculture teachers,

	How can we as educators become more proficient in our teaching?
	What are some innovative teaching methods?
	What are “learning styles” and how can our teaching address them?
	Who is a teacher of permaculture in the bioregion?

If you have ever asked one or all of these questions, I want to invite you to
attend an event this Summer which will address them all, the Teachers’
Development Weekend.  This event is the first of what we at Permaculture
Drylands Institute hope will become an annual tradition.  It is an opportunity
for permaculture teachers from the southwest and elsewhere to refine our
teaching practice, learn from our peers, and become a stronger and more
capable community.

The Teachers’ Development Weekend will be held June 19-21 at the Black Range
Lodge in Kingston, New Mexico, in the Gila Mountains just south or Truth or
Consequences and west of the Rio Grande.  The fee is $125, and includes room
and board at a rustic stone lodge (with an attached straw bale greenhouse!).
Outdoor camping (in your own tent or in a natural structure on site) is also
available, but at the same fee.

The program includes a variety of workshops, roundtable discussions, and
opportunities for every one to teach and receive constructive feedback.  You
are welcome to arrive late Friday afternoon, and the program will end by 3:00
pm on Sunday.

As we formalize our Basic Permaculture Design Course into a published
curriculum, we are discovering an incredible diversity of teaching methods
including some very innovative exercises and learning experiences.  This
Weekend offers an excellent opportunity to share these innovations with one

If you would like to register for this exciting event, please call Caroline
Mahon at the PDI office.  Please note that reserved rooms in the lodge are
limited, and will be provided on a first come, first served basis. 

I look forward to seeing many of you again, and to meeting those of whom I
have not yet met.  

Permaculture Drylands Institute
PO Box 156		Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504
505.983.0663	PDrylands at aol.com

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