Skye skye at
Sun May 3 11:59:35 EDT 1998

Hola Bruce
 Just picked up your two messages on the PC newsgroup.

I am one of the PC people based at Arocutin, near Patzcuaro. I guess I
am the one making some noise about PC within our region - and Mexico in

My email is the quickest way to get in touch with us - skye at

ANother option is through David Rinck - he isn't living with us at
present - but is renting a small property not far away, so we see him
quick often and he can pass messages on to us (although he is currently
in USA and would probably only re directany emails to me!!!) -
david at

And for some other fun, chck out http// - you can even
leave messages there - but that site is mainly in spanish!!!!

Expect to hear from you soon

Skye - Apdo #391,Patzcuaro,Michoacan,Mexico.CP61600 
       Fax(caseta)52 434 23395
Permaculture Teacher & Designer  
Director - Instituto de Permacultura de Mexico AC
Workshops in Human Scale Development, 
  Community Economics, & Participatory Planning

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