Sola Tube and Steiner Preps

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Fri May 1 00:39:17 EDT 1998

Hi Katherine, 

                   Thanks for the info on the Sola Tube. I'll ckeck out the
htree dealers and see who has the best price...

Regarding the Steiner preps-they are organic preparations for fertilizing and
revitilizing the soil, increasing the effectiveness of composting, etc., which
were discovered/developed by Rudolph Steiner- the man who originally coined
the term biodynamic...they are, according to what I've read, amazingly
effective  and relatively simple to make, if you have access to cow manure and
dried cow horns, among other things--which I do not..At any rate, you would
probably do well to read a book called Secrets of the Soil by Peter Tompkins &
Christopher Bird published in 1989 by Harper & Row. It's now out of print, but
better libraries have copies, as wll as some on-line out of print book
merchants.  Tompkins and Bird also wrote ( in the 60's, I think) a book called
The Secret Life of Plants- a real milestone in biological research, showing
that plants do in fact have measureable reactions to man's treatment of them-
positive as well as negative..
Secrets of the Soil  covers about ten years of research covering the entire
world, during which ther authors searched for effective ways of restoring soil
health  without the use of herbicides, pesticides and chemical
fertilizers--Steiner's preps are only one of  perhaps a dozen  effective
approaches discovered during the research...It's a fascinating book as well as
a valuable reference for anyone attempting to garden or farm organically..The
Steiner preps are used quite a bit in this country,  probably more in
California than anyhere else, from what I understand.  I have not yet found
where to buy any of them, however...
Here's a thought--anyone making them available could probably do quite well,
and at the same time do a real service to the earth, its soil, and mankind--as
the grown with the Stenier preps are, like all organically grown products, far
more nutritious...

Hope you find the book and the time to read it--

Jay Holsen

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