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Terrakin at aol.com Terrakin at aol.com
Sat May 30 04:07:49 EDT 1998

Dan Hemingway's e mail for his online course is Yankeeperm at aol.com.

He is located in Fla. and has taught for many years. He is very into
documentation and online resources. I feel I got a good basis to build on and
plenty of resources to continue my perma- education, but the course was
alittle pricey for me.
This is only my opinion and I only know him from e mail, but Dan seems to like
to argue things out and has got himself a reputation for butting heads. He is
an emotionally charged guy and will jump hard to defend his position and that
isn't the general pattern in the movement as I have observed it. He struck me
as a guy that prefers the gloves off in any debate.
  While he was not always the most tactful or diplomatic teacher , he is
effective and has years of practical experience. 
  Because permaculture is evolving and the teaching is not standardized, I
online training has it's drawbacks. I would have prefered to have taken a
course that was taught by more than one instructor..... maybe even an online
course with a short weekend practicuum. I think this system could be very
At the time, online was my only option and Dan was the only one offering
online training. Here is Ky, permaculture is just beginning to get a hearing.
I know we all have a lot of work to do to get this planet the loving care she
deserves. Hope this helps.
                        In cooperation, Kiya Heartwood
                                              Stamping Ground Ky. ( terrakin @

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