Akiva Werbalowsky akivaw at hotmail.com
Thu May 28 00:17:55 EDT 1998

David wrote:
>My local university is planning an "Ecologicaly Sustainable 
Development" degree stream and I was thinking of lobbying for Pc to be 
included as a specific subject/s.

>I am looking to identify universities/colleges that have Pc in their
curriculum and to learn how it operates.

>Maybe Akiva could share with us how students use the "continuing 
education units (CEUs)" available on his course?

My focus is living and learning permaculture while transforming the 
educational/industrial complex, rather than simply appeasing the 
approval/reward needs of a medieval hierarchy. Cal Poly is a "learn by 
doing" institution and therefore is perfect for permaculture studies. 
What students actually do with the "credits" they receive here or 
anywhere is a function of their own creativity and ability to have the 
system work for them rather than the other way around.

I'm happy to share more with you privately or on the list, only if 
others are interested.


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