Teach PC!?

Jenny jenny at dsrt.com
Mon May 25 13:47:02 EDT 1998

I want to start a discussion about teaching styles and 
methods that have been proven effective primarily in the 
United States and are slowly integrated in other 
cultural regions. 

The importance of permaculture being tought at it's
highest level to everyone everywhere is a challenge. 
Is it a matter of how to teach, for example, children
on their level of maturity, intelligence, backround, 
culture.....and attention span. 
Some teaching methods have been proven to be more 
effective than others. Independent on the approach   
the material and it's value shall not be compromised.
Obviously, different alleys are needed to reach 
different target groups. 

PC thought in "Lecture Style" vs.Experiential 
Teaching/Learning, Seminar style vs. whatever unique 
style and methods of reaching and teaching.

How do these methods sacrifice their effectiveness
depending on the culture and history of the region 
or country?

Thanks for your thoughts

Jenny Cocq

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