chooks for sale

Terry Haven terrymoe at
Wed Jun 17 02:24:10 EDT 1998

Dear vic i have chooks for sale (chickens)they are ex battery hens that are
approx 18 months old .i get them from the battery place around the corner
from my place i have black brown or white to choose from and charge $3 each
i bring them home then re teach them to eat /drink /live.they are taught to
live on my open range property  having approx 3 acres to run free  self
feeding off my 4 year old forrest consisting of mainly native and
tagsasties.native grasses
and worms that are rapidly multiplying in the sheltered grounds that are
growing by the day.the object being that they are taught to become self
sufficiant before being sold onto others who wish to enjoy the benifits off
healthy fresh eggs like i do .
Anyone who answers this ad via the email i will give 10% discount
and would love to give a lesson to any new commers who are just starting
out with chooks FREE (lesson only)
anyone interested can contact me on 95255042 
or on email   terrymoe at
thanks .
Terry Haven

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