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>Victor Guest wrote:
>> >> >Ha Ha Ha,
>> >> >What a beaut!
>please sstop and crack the books people.  I'm sorry, but high school
>chem was9th grade.Hydrogen watchout Dioxide was a joke then(1975).
>Or maybe y'all like to play dumb . Either way...

Will, my chem education was in 1954, and was very basic. Non of the kids 
I went to School with went on to High school. The last 2 years of my 
schooling were spent one week in school, and one week working on the Farm
School. We still had Clydesdale horses for use in the orchard and for 
instructional purposes. We learnt blacksmithing, woodwork, and leatherwork
(saddlery), Animal husbandry, on pigs, sheep, cattle, poultry and horses.
At sixty I wonder how many other people interested in Permaculture never did

>]New subject  Vermiculture/Agriculture lets tie the 2 2gether.
>I believe that under controlled conditions one can realize a 300 fold
>increase in numbers in 90 days (Eisenia wiggler/manure
>worm/brandling worm. So if your breeder operation was nothing more than
>a hot house say 15 meters by three, at the end of three months time you
>could take babies out and distribute to 300 new hot houses.

There is a multilevel Marketing approach to worms floating around Perth at
the moment. Worms at $15 per thousand.
Also worms will handle much more than just manure. Shredded cardboard paper 
We have a video in our PAWA library on how to create a large scale worm
operation for farms. 

>goodbye Ammonium Sulfate
>Hello worm castings
>william evans

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