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Fri Jun 12 10:37:56 EDT 1998

>> >Ha Ha Ha,
>> >What a beaut!
>> >and What is DI Hydrogen Monoxide???????
>> >
>> >H2O.
>> >
>> >And 43  out of 50 people ,and I assume including yourselves, have been
>> duped
>> >into believing that water should be banned.
>> >
>> >Please send me the petition, to laugh some more.
>> >best regards in your endeavours
>> >

Did anyone else get caught here with a limited knowledge of chemistry.
It originally caught my daughter doing first year enviromental Science
at Uni, so I didn't feel too bad.

I just thought of all the people like me who might like to understand.
how Carbon Monoxide is bad how Di Hydrogen Monoxide is good. Or how can you
express Oxygen as Monoxide. What is an oxide.( nothing to do with paint?)
What process does something go through when it oxidises'. (rust)
What is Hydrogen Monoxide.
Carbon monoxide and carbon Dioxide are 2 very bad sustances. In exhaust 
gases how are they expressed? Are they 100% of what comes out of an exhaust

 From Duped.

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