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Hello Permaculture People:

  Halifax Ecocity Project in Australia is the premier, largest, first major
permaculture proposal for innercity areas on a multi-block basis in the
world. I thought that it was aready being built but has been stuck in
politics for a while. It is an example of people organizing & designing on
a grand and now global scale.  Please take the time to support this project
by email or mail.  I occaisionally daydream that Vancouver, Canada's South
East False Creek 40 acre area could be done in the same fashion. I am not
yet imprisoned but still disciplined in to thinking small and working in
from the edges...

Keep the dream alive,

Harold Waldock
Vancouver Permaculture Network
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>From: jirwin at
>To: Harold Waldock
>Date: 16 Jun 1998 19:40:48 PDT
>Subject: Support Halifax EcoCity Project Adelaide Australia
>>The Halifax EcoCity Project is reaching a crucial stage. Finally, after
>years of delays, the Adelaide City Council is moving to sell that
>Halifax Depot Site in Adelaide, South Australia. Urban Ecology Australia
>Inc, in conjunction with Alpine Constructions, Hansen Yuncken (South
>Australia's largest private developer) and the South Australian Housing
>Trust (State Government provider of low income housing) are one of the
>four groups short listed who have tendered for the development of the
>>Urban Ecology Australia faces considerable competition, with large
>'business as usual' developers keen to get their hands on one of the
>last major development sites in the Adelaide CBD. The tenders for the
>site were submitted on May the 19th, and the final decision as to the
>fate of the Halifax Site will be determined on June 30 1998.
>>Urban Ecology is running an international email lobbying campaign to
>help galvanise an already supportive Council.
>>Urban Ecology Australia Inc. is a community based, non-profit
>organisation dedicated to the creation of ecological cities, cities
>which are in balance with nature. Urban Ecology Australia launched the
>Halifax EcoCity Project in 1992, and is also currently consulting on the
>Whyalla EcoCity development in the regional city of Whyalla, South
>>The Halifax EcoCity Project is a proposal to build a piece of EcoCity
>on a 2.4 hectare site in the central business district of Adelaide,
>South Australia. The project will be a mixed-use ecological development
>with 350-400 houses, on-site green businesses and extensive community
>facilities. The project's aim is to take development beyond simply
>getting back in balance with nature, it aims to heal damage that has
>been done. To this end it is proposed that degraded rural land equal to
>each resident's 'ecological footprint' be taken and restored back to
>ecological health. 42 acres of land has already been purchased.
>>The energy for the project will be generated by the sun with excess
>power being fed back into the power grid. All storm water will be
>captured on site, and 100% of grey water will be recycled using reed bed
>recycling systems. All sewerage will be processed on site using a 'solar
>aquatic greenhouse' system. Materials will be non-toxic, allergy
>neutral, with as little embodied energy possible and drawn from
>ecologically sustainable sources. On site food production will be
>encouraged, and a local LETS system has already been established. Cars
>are excluded from the project, which is pedestrian and bicycle oriented.
>"Fingers of Green' run through the project providing habitat for local
>native animals. Disabled access is assured for virtually the entire
>project. The architecture of the project is designed to be highly energy
>efficient utilising passive heating and cooling and high mass
>construction, residents are intimately involved in the design of project
>through the 'barefoot architecture program' ensuring diverse and
>individual design within a strong basic framework.
>>The project is committed to social equity and mix of social, economic,
>cultural and religious groups in the project. The South Australian
>Housing Trust (the State Government provider of low income housing)
>proposes to purchase a portion of the housing ensuring low income
>access, where residents will pay 25% of their income for housing,
>whatever its level. A variety of high and low income housing will be
>provided, with the high end dwellings subsidising the cost of low income
>>The Halifax EcoCity Project is a community driven development with
>volunteers putting in more than two million Australian dollars worth of
>work since its inception. Community consultation and democratic
>management structures are an integral component of the project.
>>In 1994 the Halifax EcoCity Project was awarded as the inaugural
>World's Best EcoCity Prize, awarded by US based EcoCity Builders.
>>You can check out our website at
>>Please help make the Halifax EcoCity Project a reality!!
>>Sam Knottenbelt
>>Urban Ecology Australia Inc.
>>PS Please distribute this information through your email networks.
>>SAMPLE LETTER: >(note this letter has been drawn from other actual
>letters of support received by UEA)
>>Dear Lord Mayor Jane Lomax-Smith and other elected members of Adelaide
>City Council,
>>I am writing to express strong support for the selection of Urban
>Ecology Australia Consortium as the Developer of the Halifax Depot Site.
>Their visionary concept, the Halifax EcoCity Project, would serve as a
>model of ecological development not only in Australia, but around the
>>By enlisting the participation of developers willing to commit millions
>to the project, Urban Ecology Australia Inc. combines visionary ideals
>with the practical skills required to actualise their vision, a rare
>combination and a special opportunity for Adelaide.
>>I urge you to select the Urban Ecology Australia Consortium as the
>developer for this project.
>>Wisdom in your deliberations, think of your children, and theirs.
>>Organisation, Country
>>send to: <specjudy at>
>>cc: <urbanec at>
>>Urban Ecology Australia Inc
>>Centre for Urban Ecology
>>84 Halifax Street
>>Adelaide, Tandanya Bioregion
>>SA 5000
>>Phone/fax: +61 -8 - 8232 4866
>>email: urbanec at
>>** Co-initiator of Adelaide's Halifax EcoCity Project **

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