Water for Your farm(P.A. Yeomans) and Centuar design

Peter Ravesteyn krtf at dove.net.au
Wed Jun 17 19:05:17 EDT 1998

It all sounds so complicated.
When in fact it is such a beautiful simple concept.
Here in South Australia I have just Keyline (Centaur) plowed over 200
acres on my own and other properties to build topsoil and renovate
pastures. I find it is the best ground preparation for tree planting as
I used a Yoemans Keyline Plow and great results from previous years have
people lining up to use the machine.

Another winner in lower rainfall areas is the mounding or swale concept
using the same plow with mounding discs developed by Darren J. Doherty
of Australia Felix.  I use the keypoint as a starting point and mounding
down to ridges at a slight slope.
This creates a great catchment without using dams.

Peter Ravesteyn
Kenton Range Tree Farm

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